Paperback Is in the Book Stores

The paperback version of Mrs. Astor Regrets, with a bonus chapter on the Tony Marshall trial, has just arrived in book stores and is available on for immediate shipping.

The Long Wait: Tony Marshall Trial Update

The jurors have been deliberating since September 22 with courtroom speculation that they could go to Columbus Day, although, of course, the verdict can come at any moment. Tony and Charlene Marshall, along with Francis Morrissey, now spend their days either sitting in the nearly empty courtroom or in the hallway outside room 1536 of Manhattan’s criminal courts building. The … Read More

Meryl Gordon on NPR

Weekend Edition just broadcast an extended interview that Scott Simon did about Mrs. Astor Regrets. And even better, NPR quickly put up a link to the audio of the interview. For the video, well, it is radio.

Meryl Gordon on the Today Show

Okay, so you missed seeing Meryl Gordon being interviewed last week about “Mrs. Astor Regrets.” But that does not mean that you’re out of luck. Here is the magic link to a clip of the interview.