“Riveting” reviews for Mrs. Astor Regrets

The Weekly Standard in a review so insightful that it might almost prompt liberals to subscribe described the book as “a fascinating story of the problems that bedevil all the most interesting families: mismatched kinship and thwarted affection.” (Alas, most of the Judy Bachrach review requires a subscription to the conservative magazine).

The Associated Press in a review that was published in many newspapers talked about Meryl Gordon’s “remarkable amount of access” and said that the interviews provide “an enthralling and rare look” at this blue-blood family in turmoil.

The New York Times in a daily review by Janet Maslin declared that “Ms. Gordon walks her readers through a schadenfreude-filled wonderland.”

The Washington Post described this “painstakingly researched account” as “riveting.” (Earlier, People magazine used the same Rosie the Riveter adjective in recommending Mrs. Astor Regrets). There is also a Washington Post podcast interview with Meryl Gordon.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune review talked about Meryl Gordon’s “elegant familiarity” with a family “as royal as the ancient Greeks, but not as remote.”

Sandra McElwaine began her Washington Times review by calling the book, “A saga about sex, avarice, jealousy, betrayal, infidelity, alcoholism, social position, gossip, power, vanity and ultimately money – lots of it.”

And finally Newsday in a balanced review said that “Gordon is an excellent reporter, and she presents every angle and every player’s back story in this sad saga about `money substituting for love.'”

Meryl Gordon on the Today Show

Okay, so you missed seeing Meryl Gordon being interviewed last week about “Mrs. Astor Regrets.” But that does not mean that you’re out of luck. Here is the magic link to a clip of the interview.

NY Post Page One “Mrs. Astor Regrets” Excerpt

Sunday’s New York Post ran a two-page excerpt from Mrs. Astor Regrets. To give you a flavor of the book, here is the link

New York Observer On “Mrs Astor Regrets”

The Observer praises “Mrs. Astor Regrets” as a “comprehensive account of one of the most bizarre family sagas in the recent history of New York.”

Brooke Astor’s son: Trial scheduled for mid-January 2009

Tony Marshall, Brooke Astor’s son, and lawyer Francis X. Morrissey Jr. are scheduled to go on trial in mid-January 2009 on charges of looting Mrs. Astor’s estate. This site will carry regular updates on the Astor legal maneuverings.

In other Astor-related news, WWD reports that the price on Brooke Astor’s apartment at 778 Park Avenue has been cut from an initial listing of $46 million to $35 million. Although many provisions of Brooke Astor’s will are being contested in surrogate’s court, Tony Marshall is the undisputed heir to his mother’s apartment as well as her Holly Hill estate in Briarcliff Manor, New York, currently said to be on the market for $12 million. All proceeds from the real estate will go to Tony Marshall, regardless of the outcomes in either of the criminal and surrogate court cases.